The 3 Legged Stool

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Our platform for the American political system consists of a metaphorical 3 legged stool:

1.) Universal Healthcare
2.)  Eliminate personhood for corporations (The so-called "Citizen's United SCOTUS ruling in particular) in the electoral process
3.)  Eliminate the Electoral College and make America truly democratic so that one person represents one vote.

It's a case of "are you going to believe your lyin' eyes or what we tell you!"

The phrase "one person, one vote" pretty much says it all!  This one is pretty obvious from the start.  Don't let the rigged system we have continue. Clinton won the popular vote by upwards of 3 million votes yet the Electoral College system overturned the public will and intent to give the presidency to the actual loser.  This does not work out to be a democratic practice, but actually grants more votes to some and less to others.  We do not have a true democracy in our presidential elections.

In order to have a true democratically functioning country and elections process we need to revise what we now have and make the process more fairly reflective of a true majority of the voters in America.  The way forward is to get rid of the Electoral College and make America truly democratic!

Citizen's United: The monetization of our political discourse is destroying America.

In  January 2010, the huge infusion of billions of media dollars into the American elections after the Citizen's United decision  has dealt a serious blow to the efficacy of the of election process itself.  When the Roberts court gave fiscal "personhood" and hence "free speech" to corporations SCOTUS loosed upon the land destructive forces that severely compromise and divide the media and the population.  The democratic process is broken.

The electoral process has become malignant and it has nurtured huge profit centers within the balance sheets of corporate mass media vendors and producers.  The court decision created a more powerful and a toxic American political media industry,  a political player power that shapes and directs the discourse to maximize "eyes on the screen" hence profits on the books. 

Why has the 4th estate failed our Representative Republic? It is because the Citizens United decision has made it possible to virtually purchase the media without any of the liabilities of ownership.  And I suspect that is why Mr. Trump characterizes media organizations as being "corrupt" and hypocritical.  The forces of political objectives and money shape and direct the narrative both consciously and unconsciously to favor the cheap and easy production of profits.  Stonewalling and blatantly lying to the American people and the media regularly should be rewarded with a diminishment of coverage, not with increased interest.  Obvious dishonesty and smarmy and coquettish narratives are not helpful to the citizenry despite the fact they honor the bottom line of media vendors.

Especially since the Citizen's United Debacle the tendency for the media to pursue ratings for income often substantially diminishes the good done by the press and particularly the electronic media.  "Fake News" is an especially toxic byproduct and symptom of the this presently broken system.  This phenomena also diminishes and negates the credibility of product.  Mix in Social Media another profit center, and you have a perfect storm where money corrupts the media and distracts the people.  This rising tide of corruption raises all media ships, including the digital media.  Within this context one only has to pause to look and to see that in this case the democratic process is broken.


New legislation is needed to remedy this situation.  Hard as it may seem we will continue getting the same result in terms of the media and the political players until this horrible decision is gutted.  The media has been mainlining the money for so long they act exactly like the metaphorical addicts they have become.  They are in denial.  Producers, talking heads, executives all share the blame.

I am afraid that until this personhood for Corps Citizens United decision is turned back we are doomed to the same old $hit!

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