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Canada is “the Canary in the terror mine” as far as terrorism goes!

North American terror
North American terror

This is the start of the death of the open and free internet as we know it. Think I’m nuts? Let me explain, it is a complex situation with global implications.
Not necessarily in the order of importance here are some of the pieces of this puzzle:
1.) Recruitment and radicalization of western citizens.
There are very few ways to make any real impact on the source of this radicalization in your own country unless somehow the recruitment and radicalization of citizens is stopped. Think “spiritual Ebola” when you experience homegrown terror. Now follow it out. At the very least elements in our society will try to follow it out and emulate countries that restrict digital access like China. Additionally, the “terrorism porn” aspect of seeing these attacks on the internet give the perpetrators exactly the orgasmic result that they wish.
2.) We are there, by there I mean in the middle east. We are there because of oil.
Oil, it is the essence of the whole problem despite humanitarian protestations (Christians,refugees,democracy,etc) to the contrary.
3.) The State of Israel will never be accepted by it’s neighbors.
Israel and its existence next to oil remains since the 1950s to be the biggest cause of hatred and violence in the area. Israel’s strategic importance in the world struggle for the control of the oil market insure the undying support of the United States.

Eco Terrorists? Who are the real eco-terrorists?

Eco Terrorists? Who are the real eco-terrorists?

Recently,in Europe, the big Chemical and biotech seed companies such as Sygenta, have been labeled by the people as “eco-terrorists” symbolizing the harm and danger they present to the ecology and environment. These companies in most cases are prohibited from freely doing business in Europe. Because of the dangers corporate seed and pesticide company’s agricultural practices represent to public health and welfare they are heavily regulated and banned by European governments.

Here in Hawaii, with a smarmy slap at reality, the paid representatives for the Chemical and seed corporations have co-opted wording and the branding process before the Hawaiian public “gets it!” A representative of Sygenta wrote that that the law is guilty of “illegitimate targeting” of GMO crops by vandals and and “eco-terrorists!” To my way of thinking, the comedy club has a place for this representative of the real eco-terrorists in the present case. Guess what? Just think about who is applying chemicals with unknown and unresolved ecological results upon the environment? Who is the eco-terrorist?

We have a right know to and should be informed as to what chemical process is used to produce the food we eat. No question about it! Our health and welfare is of first importance.

We should not be collateral damage in the corporate bookkeeping process.

When I first moved from Oahu where I grew up to Kauai in 1981, the first seed companies on the west-side were just getting started. One of the seed company managers lived across the lane from me in a small local enclave. He explained to me at that time that the seed company chose Hawaii to grow seed in because after one season any subsequent 2nd generation corn growing from the original Hawaii seed would not be viable in a colder climate. Money. Control of profits. That is what is important to these agribusiness corporations. Our health and welfare just don’t conveniently fit into the mix.

At the present the really clear and present danger from these genetically engineered crops is their use in tandem with pesticides that get into the plant’s and insect’s epigentic core and require increasingly strong applications of powerful pesticide chemicals.

This is why I think the rules and the regulations bill 2491 put in place are good and speak to the relevant issues of human health and welfare on Kauai as well as elsewhere.