Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Shibai News!

1.)  The Republican corruption in Washington has rolled down to the states.

Shibai (She Buy)

1.)  What does ‘shibai’ mean?



The Dopey Doofus State Conspiracy

1.) Definition of Doofus

3.)  What You Need To Know About The GOP Snooping Memo Controversy

More to come: When politics and money are mixed!


Road Trip Thru Tyme: Kennedy to TrumP

Whatever happend to Max Headroom?

Words from the NYT are not words from GOD

Just The Ticket: Nightmare at the WH!

The League of Rehabilitated Heroes: Just Say NO!

Just Say No! Free Graphic

Political Lies are like cancer: A Medical Alert!

Emoji Vocab: "Shithole Politicians"

What was good or acceptable to say yesterday is not the same today.  Our present leadership has elevated the word "shit"