Monday, May 16, 2016

No Worries it is all about the Art of the deal!

No big deal.  No worries, some folks think that they can stuff a round object into a square hole without any ramifications whatsoever.  

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Global Warming Weather Changes Make Hawaii More Susceptible To Dengue and Zika

Hawaii and the Zika Virus

Already Struggling With Dengue, Hawaii Braces Itself For Zika

 Zika virus transmission could be stopped with dengue fever program, Queensland scientists say

Dr. Neil Rau answers your questions about the Zika virus

The Latest On Zika: Brazil Isn't Sharing Data

Inadequate testing thwarts efforts to measure Zika's impact

Zika virus outbreak in the Americas (2015–present)

New York State to Offer Free Zika Testing to Pregnant Travelers

Unless the public health concerns that result from a change in the Earth's temperatures due to global warming are met with realistic and productive protective measures we in Hawaii are in for a hard time. The Hawaii economy is built on the travel and food service industries which are predicted to diminish in 2016 and a epidemic featuring Zika or Dengue Fever could deal the islands a serious blow.