Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Shape Shifter Donald: Someone has trouble with the truth

This fellow is one of the most slimy and untruthful persons to ever run for the presidency.  He has had different answers for the same question depending on whatever response he can pull out of his okole at the moment. OMG!  Don't let him near the nuclear codes.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Friday, June 24, 2016

Holy Moly Brexit Happened! What will happen next?


This is an event that will impact global politics bigtime.  It is amusing to observe that the voters in Britain  that voted to leave the union were primarily old, uneducated, white, and disfranchised economically are just like the Trump Chumps we see in America.  It was mostly younger voters that wanted to remain in the EU.  

We don't know in Hawaii how the British exit will affect us.  Assuming it will be similar to the ways it will impact the mainland it will be major.  The American stock market has taken a negative downturn as it has done across the globe.  The mortgage market will take a downturn in the near future but long term nobody knows.  Hide and watch.


Why are we risking the health of our citizen athletes by  going to the Olympics in Brazil?  It is so silly and stupid, risking global health by shuttling in athletes from all over the world to go to Brazil and compete.  What is that all about.  Money.  Just the international media dollars to be harvested alone are mega-billions.  Who cares if citizens across the earth risk the health of newborns and whatever else will come along with the ZIKA EPIDEMIC.  Listen you money grubbing assholes.  Stop the event.  Cancel the Olympics.  Deal with now before your moneygrubbing greed cause a full scale worldwide epidemic!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

What horrors Await after the election?

                   No bull Donald, good people don't go into government.  If the shoe...etc....