Monday, December 4, 2017

Morning Joe talks truth to power!

Here is the back story for the cartoon!

Let's change the way we deal with North Koresa: No More War!

Here is some information about North Korea

It is time to change the page with North Korea donald!. We don't have be morons and go to war. Even Dennis Rodman could do better than our present crew has done. Send in Dennis Mr. Trump. No, really! Give him a budget and send him in!

The Leadership Of The Democratic Party has laryngitis

Michael Flynn 'prepared to testify against Donald Trump' over Russia links

 This was originally published on February 18th 2017.

OMG! This story is like fiction. Flyn was always a good soldier!

Here is the back story about this issue!

Just call it the Tax Cut Fraud Story: Take from the poor and give to the rich!

Here is the back-story!