Sunday, July 24, 2016

Friday, July 22, 2016

Little Timmy Kaine? "What difference does it make?" Lots to me! Forget It Hillary Will Lose

OMG I see this headline is the common opinion held by the political elites.  "Hillary Clinton is getting ready to pick Tim Kaine as her VP. We think."

If Ms. Clinton takes this little twerp, Tim Kaine as her VP I will not vote for her and I"ll wager that many folks like myself will feel the same way.

I just wish that for once in her life since her very first health care defeat when Bill was first elected, she would take the "righteous path," the path for politicians that "do the right thing."  Hillary's advocacy for health care for Americans was a righteous cause.  She lost that battle and became a compromiser from that point on.  Instead of doing the calculated and carefully cautious one in those days her instinct was to do the righteous deal.  Not this time it appears.  It appears to me that the lesson she learned early in her political career was not to take chances.  Clinton apparently thinks that Tim Kaine is the one that will provide her with a win and less problems after the win.  I don't think so.

I think the voters like me will see little Timmy Kaine as a sellout and a signal that all her intentions at this point are governed by her allegiance to special interests and the status quo.  She apparently doesn't have a clue that without Elizabeth Warren to give her candidacy some credibility, she will lose.  Just sayin' and it is just my opinion but like I said here before I certainly won't vote for her if she doesn't choose Ms. Warren.  Sad if these reports are true.

Bye bye Hillary.  You silly fool. Hillary Clinton Selects Tim Kaine, a Popular Senator From a Swing State, as Running Mate