Monday, July 25, 2016

Some Thoughts on Hillary, Trump, Barack & hate-naming Republicans

1.  OBAMA: Considering the idealism and hope that accompanied the election of Barack Obama it is hard to talk about the deflation and disappointment that finally accompanied the execution of his 8 years in the presidency.  The "Obama care" program is a good example.  When Obama was first elected, I assumed that Obama would try in the first 6 months (while he and the Democrats had both the house and the senate) of his presidency to pass a robust health care program as close to the excellent system the Canadians have had for years.  Instead under the excuses of "trying to get along" with Republican haters, and touting an emasculated health care program, the president gave huge profits to the healthcare insurance industry and with undisclosed and under the table agreements to the pharmaceutical industry.  Sad.  And the disgusting and prejudiced Republicans just threw shit in his face and Obama continues to this day to mostly turn the other cheek.  Pretty "Christian" for a hidden Moslem huh? Obama castrated Elizabeth Warren's Consumer agency  (President Obama Picks Former Ohio Attorney General to Run Consumer Bureau, Bypassing Woman Who First Came Up With the Idea) and threw her under the bus for the financial industry from which he and Hillary took so much money from in the election.  Even as I recognize the ethnic prejudice from the Republican haters, all in all Barack Obama was a big disappointment to me as I expect that Hillary will be.  I don't expect her or her lap dog Kaine to be any different.  They all appear to serve the same moneyed interests.

2.  HILLARY: Obama really had a fail when it comes to healthcare and so did Ms. Clinton in her first national introduction.  The real name of the healthcare program Clinton advocated in 1993 was demonized by the Republicans and the "Health Security Act" became "Hillarycare."  Note that these Republican creeps did the same thing to the Obama's healthcare program, (The Affordable Care Act) calling it "Obamacare," a name that stuck.  Rather than debate the real value of things the Republican politicians love to hate-name things like preschoolers do.  Creeps.  Absolute creeps.  This was the start of demonizing Hillary Clinton that has continued from 1993 to 2016.  Republican ethnic haters and creeps have a lot of staying power I must admit.  Republicans don't care about the health of the American Republic's citizens.  Instead they are mostly concerned about the vested interests of their corporate overlords.  Absolute tools of the moneyed class.  In that connection Hillary has not been much different.

3. TRUMP: Back in the day, I didn't watch the TeeVee program that Trump "starred" in because I thought the whole premise to be sophomoric and stupid.  A silly frumpy old white man with a ridiculous hairstyle obviously crafted to cover his generously large bald spot and "fat-boy"suits was not then, and not now,  a figure that interested me enough to waste half an hour.  All his weaknesses were then on display as they are now.  Phony and ignorant, fat and sloppy, mean and abusive, hate filled and nasty.  No thanks!

4.  ELIZABETH WARREN:  Before Hillary Clinton named Timmy Kaine as her VP I wanted her to name Elizabeth Warren.  I felt then, as I do now that the threat of a Trump victory would be lessened  if Elizabeth Warren were in the slot.  Warren would bring  excitement and credibility to the process that would attract the younger and more idealistic voters.  Kaine certainly won't do it in my opinion.  After I saw Kaine perform when he was named I still feel he will turn progressives away and not attract much else. Kaine is too smarmy and white bread and too much wall street influence for my tastes.  If there is any one factor that will contribute to a Clinton loss it will be naming another "go along to get along" democratic party insider to be her VP.  Just watch.

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