Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Washington News Choral: Narrative Management

Washington News Choral: Narrative Management

(Part 1.)The media is a big part of our political problem.

       "Here they go again" as Reagan was fond of saying.  I call them a mainstream media choral group all singing the same lame ass songs they all know by heart as if written from the same pen.  Lets call it the  "Washington News Choral."
     The other day I was watching the TeeVee on MSNBC and a self-serving ad for the network came on with a voice-over by Willie Geiss proclaiming concern that Democrats are going too far toward "Socialism!" OMG!  The bowl of shit Willie and MSNBC is serving up is from the same kitchen of shit they served (and the reason I no longer watch Morning Joe) when Joe Scarbourough gave Trump access to millions of dollars of publicity and let him broadcast his dreck manuahi ("free") enabling to a great extent his election. After the election Trump thanked Joe publicly.  No-matter what else he is Trump is smart enough to recognize Morning Joe's invaluable assistance

      Same ol' lame ass shit the media has used for decades to hype viewership and boost ad sales.  The real problem is that some of the strategies that the media uses are designed to elicit and encourage rancor and aggression while contributing little instead adding to our cultural stress and misunderstanding.  It is a real problem that our media, digital and electronic especially contribute to toward a disintegration of rational and reasonable discourse.  It is for profits that these networks decide what news gets broadcast and amplified.
Information is an inherently valuable public commodity and should be regulated in keeping with its inherent value. How can we solve this problem?  Easy. Get rid of Citizen's United, regulate and define information as a commodity just the way we did in the past when we had a "fairness doctrine" and the McCain Feingold Bill.  That was a step in the right direction. What happened? 

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