Thursday, March 7, 2019

Hump Day Round-up

Hump Day Round-up

1.)  This is an important issue.  It represents the efficacy of our system(s).  Because of the problems with fake news, profiteering and corruption the taint of lies and self-interest has spread places in our society perhaps where it is doing damage to us all.  MEASLES VACCINE.

2.)  This is an ongoing topic about our global health and welfare.  HIV CURE?

3.)  Testimony from ant-vacine advocate son who got MEASLES FROM VACCINE IGNORANCE?

4,)  ANOTHER PRIEST BITES THE DUST...Another Catholic priest gets the axe because 
      he had sex where he shouldn't have.  Does water run downhill?

5.) 20 states have passed anti-vaccination bills. ANTI-VAC

6.)  Yeah, yea, there is always a but.  (Vaaccine Derived?) Science is a strange thing. 


5.)  Southwest Flights?  HARD TO FIND!

6.) Climate Change in Hawaii? More than two dozen climate-related bills are still alive and continue to move forward in the Legislature this session.

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