Friday, February 23, 2018

Just another stupid distraction from our moron-in-chief!

I've spent a number of years working in the public schools with both regular and court referred student populations.  I've worked in prisons also, where weapons are kept under lock and key and special personnel mandated as caretakers.  In a prison, when there is a lockdown  the officer in charge of the weapons primarily and first goes straight to the weapons locker to secure it.  In  a school, a teacher must take care of the students first. This is clear.  He or she cannot bring his/her students into further danger.  This is just plain stupid.  Moronic.  It is just a justification to protect the profits of gun dealers and manufacturers.  AR15s are a military weapon.  They should not be available for civilian use. Punkt!

Note:  The president and his cohorts want Americans to pay for the profits of those that the NRA represent.  If the idea of hardening the schools the way private schools do by hiring tons of security is finally what results, we citizens will pay for it.  Ultimately, We will pay for the profits of the AR15 manufacturers and dealers in one way or another thru our taxes and grief unless we outlaw these type of murder weapons.  

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