Monday, May 8, 2017

The 3 legged stool: The "Democracy" leg or "one person-one vote!"

It's a case of "are you going to believe your lyin' eyes or what we tell you!"

The phrase "one person, one vote" pretty much says it all!  This one is pretty obvious from the start.  Don't let the rigged system we have continue. Clinton won the popular vote by upwards of 3 million votes yet the Electoral College system overturned the public will and intent to give the presidency to the actual loser.  This does not work out to be a democratic practice, but actually grants more votes to some and less to others.  We do not have a true democracy in our presidential elections.

In order to have a true democratically functioning country and elections process we need to revise what we now have and make the process more fairly reflective of the true majority of the voters in America.  The way forward is to get rid of the Electoral College and make America truly democratic!

Go here to see all 3 legs of the stool: Healthcare-Democracy-No personhood for Corporations in Elections!

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