Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The "Lame Stream Media," "Fake News" and the recent Tillerson/Lavrov Presser: 02/12/2017

I am gob-smacked at how corrupt and devious the lame-stream media is after watching the recent press conference between Russia and the USA and the Media discussion of what happened afterwards.  Trump is proven right again about how disgusting these folks are.

In my humble opinion it was a very positive and encouraging meeting.  Rex Tillerson was right on point and reassuring to those doubters like myself that thought he didn't have a clue.  Lavrov presented several important clues as to how the USA and Russia can work together around the issue of Syria.  He suggested a rational and reasonable way for the world to go forward thru the Hague and the UN.  He was right.  That approach is the only apparent way forward.

Watching Ali Velshi with several so-called journalists and consultants on MSNBC after the conference do a "debriefing" of the pertinent points was like I watched a different presentation than did the talking heads.  Not one of them understood how hopeful and important the things that Putin's representative Lavrov had to say actually will be in the long term.  Lavrov set out a path including designing a new constitution for Syria to follow that includes the United Nations and others in the global community as partners in a successful strategy forward.

Instead, with the exception of Malcom Vance,  all participants in the Ali Velshi panel veered off in the comfortable pre-prepared tired storylines of the past few days without any recognition or homage to what might become a way forward toward the defeat of ISIS and a deal with Russia.  Be very clear, Russia said today that they will deal with us and are amenable to involve the rest of the world in the Calculus.  Bingo.  That is exactly what we need.  Kudos to Rex Tillerson!

Afterword:  A few minutes after the presser at the United Nations, Britain's representative publically endorsed Lavrov's suggestions to include the world's help in solving the ISIS and Syria problems.  Other people can see the issues.  Our media is just interested in promulgating their income over their obligation and purpose.  They all cannot be that stupid.  Either they are stupid or they are complicit and compromised.  Fake News is everywhere.

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