Monday, March 13, 2017

MSM needs to let go of the toxic cookies in order to get their paws out of the ratings jar!

Like Jack says emotionally about the WWW, it's lies, all lies!"

As much as I hate to admit it, Mr. Trump seems to have been and continues to be right on about the media.  As much as I would like to acknowledge the media role (The 4th Estate) in our representative Republic, however, the tendency for the media to pursue ratings and hence income, often substantially diminishes the good done by the press and especially the electronic media.  

Today as I watched Sean Spicer I was taken with a feeling I needed to take a shower.  I was sorry for the reporters who sat pretty uniformly looking uncomfortably like they were participating in a hostage video.  It was funny on many levels not the least being how right Trump's perceptions sometimes seem. 

Stonewalling and blatantly lying to American people and the media regularly should be rewarded with a diminishment of coverage, not with increased interest.  Obvious dishonesty and smarmy and coquettish narratives are not helpful to the citizenry despite the fact they honor the bottom line of media vendors.  

HINT to the media: Try turning off the spigot for once.   

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